T R I P S   T O   V E N I C E


Every Thursday morning, I drive from the San Diego area to Venice Beach and design arrangements for the Grace Loves Lace Bridal Showroom. I figured it would be fun to let all of you get a look at what one of these delivery days is like for me! 

I start out my mornings at a wholesale market near me + pick out whatever white blooms, fun textures + greens look good to me. One of the best parts about the trip to the market is laying everything out on the cart and getting a good look at what everything looks like together; from there a vision for the week's arrangements starts to form.



Once I've transferred all of my market picks to buckets of water in the car, I start the trek up to Venice. Lots of people look at me like I'm out of my mind when I tell them I drive up there every week to deliver florals. Sometimes traffic can be really bad + the drive drags on but I have grown to really cherish time in the car- free from distractions. I feel most inspired after a drive filled with quiet time with Jesus + dancing/singing by myself to my current favorite playlist. The drive sets me up with a clear headspace + full energy, ready to work + create something new for the showroom. Here's the playlist I've been listening to most recently:


one of my favorites on the playlist is 'Your Love' by Furns, it's real vibe-y and feels so good when you're driving.


Once I arrive at the showroom (which is STUNNING) I plant myself out back at a worktable that they have nestled in under a covering of palms + ferns. It's pretty dreamy + if my drive isn't enough to get my creative juices flowing, this cozy setting sure does. I'll spend as much time as I need tending to the arrangements + set them out once I'm finished and fully satisfied with what I've made.